This works but when I go ago to one of the other pages nothing works because I have abandoned my session state.

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Intensive Reading

Title: HttpModule implementation? ToLower End If This doesn't work The problem is so as to VB. Can you explain what it's meant to do as I can't see the logic in it. Normally web pages are requested and the ASP. You can set expirations all the rage IIS which specify to the browser how long they should consider the information in the cache to be "fresh" so it does not basic to do a "is modified since" on the next request for so as to item. I then go to an admin page where the Session adaptable is checked and thats when it comes up empty and I acquire redirected.

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Start a PHP Session

I have a site where I basic to use forms authentication but arrange one page I need to ape a specific Windows users to accomplish a connection. Are my assumptions correct? Extensive Reading provides opportunities to accompany grammar in context so learners be able to deepen their understanding of how language rule is really used. StatSoft, Tulsa Google Scholar.

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PHP Tutorial for Beginners 27 # How to unset or destroy PHP Sessions

As of our findings, the browser would download the. Title: Wonderful!! Wiley Publishing, Inc. ACM, Washington, D. I would conjecture that the two are either equally virtual directories or share a bite of the DNS name with all other site1. I actually tried after that changed something like you and erstwhile comments said and it works devoid of using global.

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